The full story of one of the most intriguing women in Scripture, Mary of Magdala is wonderfully, historically and Scripturally recorded and brought to life, in this novel length book, written with film-making in mind.

     Graphically illustrated, with several hand-sketched inserts, the author and her team of writers and illustrators bring the words to screen, beautifully portraying the steps of Magdalene.

     With References, you too can research and see for yourself, the power of this woman's simple faith, and how it led her through dark and difficult times of great persecution as a woman, and a Christian.

    "I designed these books to compliment, enhance and challenge further study in the Word of God. With a Devotional Study companion, journey through the steps of the Gospels & Acts, and learn of this woman's devotion to Jesus Christ. What were the seven demons she was freed of? Was she the woman who anointed His feet? What happened to her after she saw the empty tomb and Jesus, for the first time since His horrible crucifixion? You will love learning about this faithful servant!"  Sandra Cerda

     Plenty of writing space for notes, and personal reflections.
Includes Authors' Notes, and Behind-The-Scenes photo's, Scripture passages and more.  
Devotional Study Guide, MAGDALENE: 
For Life & Love, will further the avid reader
who loves digging for more! 

     These pages are filled with valuable Prophetic Insight,
Challenging and Thought-Provoking points of interest, and more.

Great for personal study, small groups or larger settings.


Reference Page included. 


A Source of Information to accompany the study of the Life of Mary Magdalene, 
following the path and references that made up the Book and Film.
A library accompaniment that will serve for years to come.

                                  Other Formats include Audio-book, Sight Impaired, and soon in Spanish.  

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