When developing the story for Mary Magdalene, our Team of Executives desired to explore and pursue some of the scents and products used in the telling of Magdalene's story.

   Set along the beautiful coast of the Sea of Galilee, merchant traders traveled through these ports bringing valuable items with them. It is believed the valuable, priceless and costly Alabaster Box, and Genuine Nard may also have come through these trade routes, along with other salts, spices and wares. 

   With that in mind, we set out to produce Products that would compliment our Prayer and Devotional time with the Lord, as well as offer fragrances reflective of our Faith in Him.

   All of these Products are Natural Organic, using 100% Recycled Packaging Products.  These items offer natural benefits, with their base in Olive and Almond Oils.  Items such as Natural Soaps & Balms, Anointing Oils, Salts, Linen Sprays, Shampoos, Conditioners and more!

   Join the prestigious Executive Team of Investors and Partners for insight and Behind-The-Scenes information on wonderful Products also in Development.  Contact us directly at:  Sandra@TheMagdaleneProject.Org  


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