El Clark  was in private Legal Practice before coming to The Foursquare Church denomination in 1992 as its general legal counsel and manager of The Foursquare Insurance and Loan departments. He presently serves full-time as General Counsel for The Foursquare Church and a number of its subsidiary entities. 


El’s Pastoral experience includes Assistant Pastor of New Life Center Foursquare Church, Everett, WA; Senior Pastor, Lake Norman Foursquare Church, Lake Norman, NC; Senior Pastor, First Foursquare Church of Charlotte, NC, and Senior Pastor, New Heart Foursquare Church, Altadena, CA. 


He currently serves as Missions Pastor and Pastor Emeritus of New Heart Foursquare Church in Altadena, CA., El also serves as Missions Representative for approximately 150 local churches in the Los Angeles area. 


El is a frequent Advisor on Church Legal issues for churches and church-related Organizations. He has served on the Advisory Board of the Church Risk Management Certificate Program of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England. He has also been a frequent Guest Lecturer at Life Pacific College in San Dimas, California. As an officer of Compassion’s Call, El is actively engaged in Emerging Leader Development in Africa.