DAVID WOOD CEO & Executive Producer for The Resurrection Project LLC, as well as T.R.P., a Media and Funding Company. He is also the Co-Founder of The Global Apostolic Council, a spiritual think tank group. David has been in the media, technology, and fundraising business for 31 years. During his first 20 years in the business he was involved in numerous productions, castings, and promotions with companies such as MTV, HBO, NBC, CBS, Fox TV, and Universal Studios, to name but a few.  

     Now David spends all of his time working on God’s business, The Resurrection Project, The Movie, and The Love Movement. Before dedicating his time to The Resurrection Project he spent his time working with Global thinking groups such as the Global Apostolic Council, Global Day of Prayer, Groundwire, Mission America Coalition, Power to Change, Cities of the World, The International Prayer Council, The Institute for Global Affairs, K.E.Y.S., The Barnabas Group, and The Fellowship of Christian Companies International, etc.  The big play for David is to raise $500 million dollars to build a movie studio facility in Hollywood for God.  With this studio David plans to continue to produce Family and Faith Based content. Owning a studio in Hollywood would also allow David and his team to control the many aspects of production, distribution, finance, and marketing and create a new system called HOLY WOOD to go alongside a dark and controlling HOLLYWOOD s y s t em. The current Hollywood is a mission fields not some one to do business with.